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The Top Concerns of Our Clients

Collecting Money
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Historic low interest rates have really proven problematic for cash savers over recent years.

We have used strategies with our clients to help diversify their income streams through things like stocks and shares ISA's and dividend paying shares.


Flexi-access drawdown has been the largest change to the financial landscape for many retirees.

But what is drawdown? How much can I afford to drawdown each year? What happens if the markets crash? These are all legitimate concerns and questions that require careful planning.

We will sit down and do detailed cashflow planning with you and go through some 'what-if' scenarios to try to ensure that your money lasts your lifetime.

You should be worried about enjoying your life and not worrying about money.


You have so many options as a family for passing intergenerational wealth but they are not all created equally. Having your adviser work through whether to take income from a pension or investments or a blend of both can have quite serious tax implications.

We have found that going through retirement with an adviser helps manage the complex tax scenarios that can play out over the years and this is where some serious value can be added.

Enjoying Retirement: Resources and Tips
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